The PLP Menu

Instructions for use

  1. Land anywhere. The starting point does not matter.
  2. Ask a question. Discover the answer through action and reflection.
  3. Choose actions a la carte based on time, need, and place.
  4. Action can happen in any form/format: paper, digital, etc.
  5. Create self-designed activities, tools, and sections to fully personalize the plan.
Who Am I?

Discovering the self

  1. This I Believe
  2. Personal Mission Statement
  3. Personal Agreement
  4. Identifying & Exploring Strengths
  5. Identifying & Exploring Challenges
  6. Interests & Passions
  7. Personality Type
    1. MBTI Tool
  8. Learning Style
  9. Mindset/Outlook
  10. Emotional Intelligence
  11. Inspirations
  12. Create My Own:___________________________________________
Where have I come from?
Who do I want to become?
How am I doing?
What Have I Accomplished?
What Do I Need?